Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The true psychological behind the emotions crisis

The ancients said, the bystander, father, like when we are deep in the middle of this marriage, when marriage, can not see the meaning of every move around them is positive. Many people complain that there are feelings of crisis, in fact, the crisis is not the crisis you have to see through his / her behavior in order to determine the true meaning behind it. Today we have to interpret what are often worrying the truth behind the marriage crisis, psychological behavior of it.
Wife eating her husband is usually vinegar, may be our family, by contrast, my husband often eat vinegar, but I can not to the point where the normal and human interaction. Perhaps the reason he was not confident, I just want a phone, which he suspected the men call me; as soon as I access, and he suspected I was and which male friends to chat! I do not play fast and loose people, now in order to let him paranoid all day, I can not answer the phone are not online, really can not stand fast, and my husband is not a psychological disorder ah?
A He is certainly a suspicious husband, his wife do not have confidence, did not reflect the confidence of his own, for fear of their own dissatisfaction with his wife, afraid to go out to his wife having an affair. Or that he is unhappy in a state of inferiority or fortune, it requires the support of partners, resulting in fear of losing his wife and then he alone, so the activities of his wife's friends is extraordinarily sensitive, beyond common sense. Direction from the root of the problem, you should show love and support him, help him regain confidence, give up inferiority complex, not to prove he did not derail.

Men should learn to relieve stress by talking

Mortal beings, most men are ordinary people, who make earth-shaking events are in the minority. But men are always like to act like a strong - and they may not know, this may cause shortened life expectancy. Man is so, mainly to face: they are afraid of being looked down upon others, "incompetent", "cowardly" is their most intolerable reviews. In fact, they admit the trivial and will not harm the dignity of man, but it helps to maintain balance in mind.
So, with your boss, friends or his wife talking, try saying "I do not know ... ..." "I am afraid I can not ... ..." or "I can not ... ..." and see what happens - nothing will happen, right? Throw away the idea anyway to be a strong bar, as both unrealistic and would harm you.
When confronted with difficulties, men should take the most common means of vent and escape. They are either suppressed in the heart of the problem, or until the exhausted and desperately movement, or seeking mental stimulation: drinking, smoking, and indulge in sensual ... ... This may be temporary, will feel calm, but in return it is damaging to health. These methods deal with the consequences of that, increases the risk of cancer, heart disease and other diseases.

Why man like play ambiguous with woman?

Indifferent to a man you are sick and ran to see other women, other women constantly says he does not love you, you still have to forget the past and to feel that he loves you. To be honest, I feel like I really can not help you achieve this kind of self-deception.
I do not think your only other woman to play men ambiguous ambiguous when a man is not naked, "I love you, I do not love my wife", and said these words to be defined as the derailment. Ambiguous when a man is not lying sick wife dating another woman no matter away, and do such a thing to be defined as the derailment. Unto man in the bed not being sure that he is just playing ambiguous, but the body was exposed before the cross, men hundred percent will be denied.
As a woman, tolerance is indeed important, but the object of tolerance are those who really know the man wake up and back, rather than emotional blackmail, ask you to tolerate his efforts to reach the blind man. Some men are so abusive that he constantly makes mistakes, and women continue to be caught, and then the excuse that because of lack of freedom has been so particularly want to be free. If you have such a man, and you say, you will not polite to contradict him, between you and him, his betrayal of the game unto you from your suspicion that he did not give him the freedom to start, or from the safety of his betrayal and make you lose sense to start? Who got the curse, who bears the responsibility.

Common psychological pressure method

Commonly used methods of psychological decompression French: - motion cool down the emergence of a new French Industry: Sports Getter center. Center professional instructors teach people how to yell, twisted towel, pillow fight, fist sofa, doing a considerable amount of exercise, "Getter decompression operation."
Commonly used methods of psychological decompression UK: - horror movies, some experts believe that the United Kingdom: People feel the pressure of work, is the sense of responsibility due to their work, then they need is a cheer, you can use "fire with fire" approach motivate them to face stressful situations, such as go to a horror film.
Europe and Japan, the psychological decompression methods used: - Oh sesame oil in Europe and Japan, a popular aromatic decompression. Grass or other plants from the sesame oil extracted through the olfactory nerve, stimulate or calm the human brain, nerve cells in the limbic system, can help people relieve nervous tension, relieve psychological stress.
Commonly used methods of psychological decompression United States: - snack food and mouth when skin contact on the one hand sensory information through the skin nerves to the brain center, thereby creating a comfort with the outside world makes contact with the object eliminate inner pressure; the other hand, when contact with the mouth and chewing and swallowing food, people may shift the attention of stress and anxiety, feeding center in the brain produce another exciting area to be suppressed nervous excitement zone, and ultimately the body and mind relaxation.

How to decipher the man's "lies"?

Gaze shift variable, line of sight to avoid each other when speaking of people generally considered to be lying. States with the other's eyes this time the transfer will increase their level of inner tension. But some clever people have mastered the technology, he can lie to the side while staring at your eyes, or even take the initiative to catch your eye.
Liar. His voice always higher than usual, and sometimes slurred speech, pronunciation errors, repeat the language, or mixed with more than usual "ah ... ... ah." Liar's speech will be and usually not the same as the speed, the time to answer questions before a long pause, this will slow down for the uptake, but had said the slow are faster. This may be due to he wanted to believe he was not the result of lying and deliberately contrived.
When a person is lying rarely smile, even laugh, and often reluctantly put on. There are several ways to identify fake laugh. First of all, from the heart will smile wrinkling his eyes, put a smile out of the muscle can not affect the eye, even touched the hearts are stiff, fleeting; Second, the false smile to maintain a particularly long time, because the fake smile the lack of true feeling of intrinsic motivation, so we do not know when to end; again, for the majority of expression in addition to other surprise, the sudden start and end to show that we consciously use this expression; Finally, the false smile, the face on both sides of the face often some asymmetry, right-handed people are accustomed to false smile higher when the left corners of the mouth to pick, left-handed people are accustomed to, the right corners of the mouth to pick higher.

The mental health problem caused by mobile

Lie. A British national survey found that on average every five people in, there are four people a day using their mobile phones lie said, "Where are you" is the issue most likely to lie. Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, director of Professor Zhang Leijing psychological, said using a mobile phone lying, people do not feel guilt, easy to form the inertia. Therefore, people should be more conscious to communicate face to face, get rid of "habitual liar mobile phone." Britain's "Noble Debrett Yearbook" to mobile phone use be included in modern etiquette, called for "real people more concern than the phone."
Forced. Many guilty of a mobile phone obsession, can not do without mobile phones a minute, many white-collar workers, said, "always have to look at pulling out the phone, no signal will be extremely tight." Zhang Leijing that modern means of communication on the phone makes it a strong, ongoing demand and reliance. To overcome it, people should be properly self-restraint, and gradually reduce the number of times to see cell phone, train peace of mind. UK holiday company began the trial, a "no cell phone travel", the participants were not allowed to carry mobile phone travel.
Auditory hallucinations. Many people always hear the phone ring, pulling out the phone to see, and did not call or SMS. This is a "mobile phone auditory hallucinations syndrome", in the senior white-collar, media personnel and sales staff are common. Long hearing voices, people will over-stretched, resulting in irritability, anxiety and other emotions. Therefore, lesser symptoms, ask yourself before going to sleep off the habit, with a healthy use of mobile phones, to better ease the pressure. Serious cases, consideration should be given to seek the help of a psychiatrist.

Urban men and women's ambiguous secrets interpretation

Lifestyle diseases dramatically increased the pressure to let people live in urban comfort each other, men and women, urban men and women of the ambiguous psychological, you know how many secrets it?
1. A man active in public help for a woman
For example, see the woman and her acquaintances are talking about some of the difficult things in trouble, and chipped around the men take the initiative and said that they have anything to do with words or opportunities, or know someone, or what are the solutions a special method. This situation, we can certainly conclude that the relationship between men and women is not very close. Men take the initiative to help a woman can be said to an acquaintance, but it can also be said to be somewhat unfamiliar to contact people, but man there is a tendency to please. But what is certain is that the relationship between man and woman, not very close. Because if it is a close relationship, women will certainly understand each other's situation and will talk privately with each other.
2. Men often give a woman not for gallantry Mai Zaodian
Mai Zaodian men often to the woman, and do not give a man a woman has never bought, then the relationship between men and women, no longer just an acquaintance, and if the younger men, not women, who like Junior, it must certainly be another see things in a balance of such behavior. For example, ambiguous relationship between men and women, and in this relationship, the man is active, while women are relatively dominant psychological side.